Family Dentistry

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At Dental Associates of Delaware, our goal is to prevent and detect dental disease before they become problems. Our Wilmington, Middletown and Hockessin dentists believe in saving teeth and strive toward achieving optimum dental health for every patient. We begin treating patients as early as three years of age and continue through adolescence and adulthood. Whether it is preventive dentistry, cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening and Six Month Smiles or periodontics, our Delaware dentists offer comprehensive dental care to meet all of your family’s unique needs.

Preventive Care

The dentists at our Wilmington, Middletown and Hockessin family dental offices strive to keep their patients’ oral health at its absolute best. Through regularly scheduled hygiene visits and oral exams in the office, our staff will help you achieve optimum oral health. A healthy mouth and healthy gums play an important role in a person's overall wellbeing. We now know that there are links between periodontal disease and systemic disease in other areas of our body. (See periodontics). We will assist you in maintaining your optimum health by teaching you proper at home care in conjunction with your regularly scheduled hygiene visits.

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Children's Dentistry

We believe that an early introduction to proper oral care habits, including regular checkups and at home care, will keep your child's smile healthy for a lifetime. We recommend that you familiarize your child with the dentist's office as early as possible. If your child understands what happens at the dentist's office, visits can be a positive experience that can encourage your child to adopt healthy habits for a lifetime.

Your child will receive the best quality care available from our Middletown, Hockessin and Wilmington, DE dentists. We recommend that your child first be seen at the age of three. Each child will become comfortable with the dentist's office at their own individual pace. As your child becomes comfortable we will begin to provide routine fluoride applications and take radiographs.

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Digital Images

One of the greatest benefits of digital images is the ability to have an instant picture of your teeth. This makes it possible for our doctors to discuss the images with you immediately. Digital images also allow us to significantly reduce your exposure to radiation.

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Partials and Dentures

Partial and complete dentures are used to replace few or many missing teeth. When the majority of the teeth are affected by advanced periodontal disease, decay or other problems, extracting them may be the only option. Removing diseased teeth is often the best way to eliminate infection and restore the gums and the supporting bone to a healthy condition.

Before the teeth are extracted, impressions of the upper and lower jaws are taken. Precise models will be made from their impressions by the dental lab. Your dentures will be created using these models.

If only a few teeth are missing, or if most of the teeth may be left in place a partial denture is a common alternative to the complete denture. The process for creating the partial is essentially the same as for the complete denture but the final partial denture is fitted to and among the remaining teeth.

A partial denture is an effective method of filling spaces between teeth, maintaining normal chewing ability and preventing the shifting of teeth that can occur when there are no adjacent teeth to help support them.

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Tooth Colored Restorations

The most favored choice of material by patients and dentists alike when filling a cavity is a composite resin that blends with the color of your natural teeth. The material is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional and durable. The material attaches to the tooth structure forming a cohesive bond. Many people have silver mercury colored fillings, called amalgams, which can be unsightly. Since the composite resin is virtually undetectable with the naked eye, many patients choose this material.


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Whether you are in need of a regular check up and cleaning, or if your child has a sudden toothache, the dentists at Dental Associates of Delaware can offer your entire family the dental care that everyone needs. Let us guide you and your family toward a future of optimal oral health and beautiful, healthy smiles. If you are in the Wilmington, Middletown or Hockessin, DE areas and are looking for a quality family dental practice, look no further than Dental Associates of Delaware. Feel free to contact our Wilmington office, Middletown office or Hockessin office to schedule an appointment for yourself or a family member today!